Projects:  Paint & Wallpaper Analysis
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Paintings, Antiques, and Statuary

Since 1974, Frank S. Welsh [Welsh Color & Conservation] has consulted on the research, analysis and restoration of original paint colors, wallpapers and decorative finishes on more than 1,700 projects around the world. The majority Historic paint color card, early 20th c of these projects have been architectural and engineered structures from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. They include world heritage sites, national historic landmarks and vernacular buildings, plus lighthouses and bridges.

The variety of projects also includes historic vehicles of transportation such as ships, boats, railroad cars, coaches, carriages, fire wagons and automobiles. In addition, objects of fine art such as statuary, paintings, antique furniture and toys have been analyzed for determination of original colors and paint pigment composition for authentication purposes.

With such a great variety of projects, the nature and scope of our involvement varies extensively. For historic structures and transportation vehicles, it can range from small-scale projects, to general on-site finishes surveys completed in a day or two, to very complex analyses and consultation extending from several months to several years.

In a small-scale project, the analysis may involve only a few samples taken from a single room or architectural element utilizing our sampling guide, the Paintpamphlet™, and mailed to us for lab analysis. We also receive very small samples taken from objects of fine art for lab analysis.

More complex architectural and engineered projects often involve our visiting the site and taking dozens of samples from numerous rooms and building features.

In addition to the investigation of a structure's decorative schemes, including the colors, composition, and chronology of paints, wallpapers and other finishes, we also coordinate the conservation and reproduction of decorative painting.

We have prepared a number of Project Profiles to illustrate the nature and variety of our investigative and analytical expertise.