Paintpamphlet, Paint Sampling Guide
For Architects, Engineers, Painting Contractors, Old House Owners, Conservators and Collectors
Even though Frank S. Welsh [Welsh Color and Conservation] typically provides comprehensive on-site consulting services, some (but not all) projects can be managed with no on-site visits by our firm. We invite you to give us a call first to tell us about your project so we can offer recommendations on how we are able to help you.
Paintpamphlet, Paint Sampling Guide If you are an architect, engineer, or old house owner and would like to take your own samples from your building or structure to send into our company for lab analysis, the first step in the process is to order a copy of our Paintpamphlet™. It is a 36-page guide that explains and illustrates, with many color photographs, how to look for the best architectural paint and wallpaper evidence and how to take the best samples. It is designed to help you play a key role, participating in the investigation and sampling process, so that you can send samples to us for our experienced analysis and interpretation. No project is too big or too small for us to consult on at a distance in this team effort. We often receive samples for analysis from either an exterior or just one space in a building.

First published in 1977, it is now in its fourth edition. It has been used by numerous architects, engineers and homeowners on more than 800 restoration projects - demonstrating that our experience and expertise offer a respected and reliable service. The Paintpamphlet™ has also been included in historic preservation syllabuses at many universities.

To order a copy of the Paintpamphlet™: A Guide for Investigating and Sampling Historic Architectural Paints and Wallpapers for Analysis of Original Colors, please call or send us an email. There is a nominal charge of $20 to cover printing and mailing expense. If you already have it but need a new copy of the Sampling Information Form and Checklist, select the link below.

After you receive and review the Paintpamphlet™, then you can send us several photographs of your project's exterior or interior space(s) of interest and we can discuss where and how many places you should investigate and sample. We can also indicate them on your photographs and send them back to you. When you complete the investigation and sampling, send the samples to us with a preliminary inspection fee, which varies depending on the number of samples you send, and we will read your materials and conduct a preliminary inspection of the samples to determine the nature and quality of the evidence. Afterwards we will call you to discuss our findings and together determine the scope of the comprehensive analysis that you would like us to do. At that point we will provide an estimate of the fee for the project. We make every attempt to be flexible with our client's budgets, depending on their needs and the scope of services they request. We do not have a fixed fee for the analysis of a sample because conditions vary, scope of services varies, and the types of analysis to provide accurate results and interpretation can vary, depending on the coatings. (However, if your organization requires you to submit a budget in advance, please call us so we can help you develop an approximate fee estimate for your paint analyis and/or wallpaper analysis project.) You will find that our step-by-step approach in this type of team effort is the most equitable way to handle the hidden conditions, which are inherent with restoration projects.

Download the Sampling Information Form and Checklist (57KB)
Artist Palette Board, Authentication of Paintings If you are a conservator or collector and are interested in the analysis of paints on a painting, antique furniture, toy or object of fine art for purposes of dating and authentication, please give us a call so we can discuss your needs. It may be possible for you to take and send us very small samples, or you may want to bring or mail the entire object to us so that we can do the sampling. The techniques for sampling these pieces are entirely distinct from those used for historic structures and are not included in the Paintpamphlet™.

As we pursue your project together you will find that our company is not only an analytical laboratory that will provide reliable data from our microanalysis of your samples, but also we are an experienced consulting firm whose breadth of knowledge consistently provides valuable insight and advice.

Together, we can determine the answers to your questions, economically, without us visiting your site.