Services: Paint Analysis & Wallpaper Analysis
Wallpaper Analysis
Frank S. Welsh [Welsh Color & Conservation] specializes in analytical and consulting services for a number of areas. We offer expertise in the research and analysis of all types of paint, and wallpaper finishes for the architect, engineer, curator, historic site administrator, contractor and homeowner.
Typically, we visit the building to conduct an overall investigation and sampling of the interior and/or exterior. In this approach, the most thorough and accurate evaluation of historic finishes can be accomplished. However, for those who need only a few samples analyzed and do not require our expertise for an on-site investigation, you can take your own samples to send to us for microscopical analysis. For such projects, our publication, the PaintpamphletTM, which is a "how-to" booklet, gives detailed and illustrated instructions on investigation and sampling procedures.
Laboratory analysis is done with stereo, polarized light and/or scanning electron microscopes and spectrophotometers to assess and identify:
Paint analysis lab
Layering sequences: to distinguish prime and finish coats, dirt layers and decorative painting.
Paint cross section photomicrograph Crossection photomicrograph of a multi-layered paint sample
Types of coatings: such as oil, distemper, whitewash, latex, varnish, shellac and wallpaper.
Colors: matched to Munsell and/or paint company color systems.
Pigments: from paints on any surface, including wallpapers.
Fibers: from rag or wood pulp wallpapers and other types of wall coverings.
Particles: starches, metals, molds.
Appearance: reflectance or gloss level.
Relative age of each coating.
If you would like to speak with someone about the specifics of your project, please give us a call.
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